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“We knew the Taliban was going to regain power … we just didn’t know when,” Pen Farthing told us in this episode. A British-soldier-turned animal welfare hero, Farthing founded and managed Nowzad—an animal shelter and clinic in Kabul. He and his staff (many of whom were Afghani women) spent years rescuing dogs and cats, running animal education programs, and administering spay/neuter operations and rabies vaccinations for Kabul’s strays. Farthing made headlines when the Taliban took over, transporting over 60 animals out of Kabul and to the UK. In this episode, Farthing recounts the rescue effort and touches on the barriers Afghanistan now faces in terms of NGOs, women’s rights, and more. His first-hand experience is eye-opening, and we hope it inspires you to seize any opportunities so often taken for granted.
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