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Switch4Good Soccer is an all-inclusive, content-driven program dedicated to supporting the athletes of Inter Atlanta FC by making the connection between optimum performance and nutrition. We focus on plant-based fuel, because it is the most efficient and bioavailable form of the essential nutrients all athletes need to perform and feel their best. Our content includes educational programming on the health and performance benefits of plant-based foods; interactive and promotional events; healthy concession stand takeovers; science-based articles; and inspiring anecdotal media to get the fans, parents, and players excited about the power of nutrient-dense plant foods. Every athlete has the power to thrive, and it starts with the food they eat.

For the latest research by doctors and dietitians, download our Scientific Report on Cow’s Milk, Health, and Athletic Performance. 


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“I have seen really positive effects from it. I’m really happy with the way my body has adjusted and the energy it’s given me. And I feel like I’m able to recover a lot faster because I’m not having those inflammatory foods in my body anymore.”

Alex Morgan

Orlando Pride, United States National Team, Olympic Gold Medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion

Photo Credit: USA Today

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